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What Type of Aluminum Signs are Best for You?

Every business owner knows that in order to attract business, the public needs to know where your at. Designing a logo, a business slogan or fancy design takes time. What good is it without your customers being able to see it? That’s where large, decorative aluminum signs come in.

Custom aluminum signs from Affordable Signs of Baton Rouge gives you durable, unique and perfect signs for any business. No matter the event or promotion custom aluminum signs can be made to express your unique style and point customers in the right direction.

Customize your Own Aluminum  Signs

Made to your specifications, custom aluminum metal signs can be created and manufactured in a number of different ways. Every business is trying to make a different statement, promote a different image or create their own sense of style.

Affordable Signs of Baton Rouge provides numerous colors, designs and finishes of aluminum signs. Ranging from standard intermediate and high performance colors to DOT reflective grade there are several manufacturers out there consistently coming up with new options. Today you can purchase camouflage, carbon fiber, neon colors and so much more.

How Do We Do It?

By digitally printing your custom aluminum signs we open the doors to numerous design options that would otherwise be unavailable. This is required to produce fades, gradients, custom pantone color matches, etc. The ways that you can add to your design are limitless if you go with digitally printed vinyl on your aluminum signs. Laminates available include Dry Erase, Graffiti Proof, and standard laminate.

Flat bed printing has several print speeds and print quality levels depending on the type of signs needed and how they will be used. Print quality on thousands of Coroplast yard signs is the total opposite of a high end full color custom aluminum real estate sign. The advantages are that there is no vinyl application time because the printer prints your design directly onto the aluminum. It offers the same durability as screen printing, but offers more printing options. Flat bed printing allows more opportunities for your custom aluminum signs to be more custom and unique. It allows for full color printing, fades, gradients, and custom colors.

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By working with Affordable Signs of Baton Rouge you can identify your own unique custom aluminum signs. Remember –  they are durable, well made and just right for ANY occasion. No two are made or look exactly the same! Make sure yours is unique, shows off your style and brands your business.