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Choosing The Right Digital Sign

Digital signs for business owners offers a number of advantages over traditional signs. Using a digital sign can help business owners save time and money, ease marketing efforts, and make daily operations run smoother.

Cost Savings

A primary concern for many business owners when considering the change to a digital sign solution is the initial cost. But with the cost of newer high-resolution TVs and commercial displays ever decreasing, and the costs of traditional signs and print media staying the same, digital signs offer a clear advantage. Another distinct cost advantage is that despite a larger upfront investment, digital sign equipment only needs to be purchased once. Old-fashioned signs and print media must be re-ordered and paid for every time a change is needed. With digital signs, changes can be made with a few simple adjustments. Since there’s no need to keep ordering new media, the cost savings over time is enormous.

Marketing and Promotions

Digital signs can also make marketing efforts a breeze. Gone are the days of having to send your design to the printer and wait. If you want to display a new promotion in your business, digital signs let you quickly setup your promotion and push it to your display. Have a new promotion? Uploading HD photo and video to a digital sign is a fast and easy solution to show it off to your customers.

One Sign – Multiple Uses

Many businesses offer specials during different days of the week, or times of day. Promotions for daily specials, happy hour drink specials, and lunch or dinner specials can all be automated and scheduled to display at specific times using digital signs. Does your business host live music or show sporting events? Make sure to let your customers know when the next promotion is, or remind them to stop in for a drink to catch the home team’s next game. Since announcing new events like these requires constantly updating the information, this would not be practical for traditional signs. Digital signs makes this easy and is sure to grab people’s attention.

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These are just some of the important benefits of digital signs, which are increasing in demand in restaurants, department stores, as well as other businesses.